First trimester wrap-up

I am officially a second trimester pregnant lady. Thank the sweet Lord baby Jesus. First trimester? NOT A FAN.

And how, might you ask if you are not a person who lives with me and thus knows is terrible detail the answer to this question, did I celebrate entering the second trimester, aka “the golden trimester” (as you are allegedly no longer sick but not yet in the unwieldy water buffalo stage)?

I celebrate by getting sick. Again! Some more! In parking lots and my office trash can and a variety of other unfortunate receptacles. Not fair.

Second trimester: GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.

This pregnancy has been so different from my first go round so it shouldn’t  surprise me, I guess, that just when I was starting to feel better with Miles that I’m having renewed crappy sickness with this little person. Perhaps this will teach me from day one that there is no real point to comparing kids to their siblings, which isn’t a bad lesson to learn.

The official first trimester wrap-up:

Weight gain: -11 pounds

# of times I’ve declared that I’m going to be “pregnant forever”: 417

#of times that was said happily: -417

# of family members I’ve irritated by not telling them first: at least two

Cravings: French onion soup, watermelon, grapes, cheesecake (sadly unfulfilled due to my own unwillingness to make or buy it at 10pm when the craving hit), animal crackers, tortilla chips.

Aversions: Everything not on the above list

Names I love that have been cruelly rejected by Mr. Monkey: Ezra and Mabel

Do we have names picked out: Nope.

My current predictions (based on absolutely no evidence of any kind): I will have a 9+pound boy on April 12th. He will have curly hair and will look like his father.

6 thoughts on “First trimester wrap-up

  1. tennisgal4jc says:

    Poor thing! With my second I was sick ALL 9 months! thre up EVERYWHERE! Office. Check. Car. Check. Store. Check. College Fair. Check. Check. (did that twice at the same fair). Good news is I gained about 20 less with my second. bad news: I have a strong aversion to the idea of anything ever inhabiting my body again!

    Good luck, I hope it “clears up” soon!

    PS: My 2nd child is more stubborn on the outside too. Be prepared. They make their statements from utero.

    • Wendy says:

      I am FOR SURE not doing this whole pregnancy thing again after this go round. I’m love the idea of this baby, of course, but I am so not one of those women who just loves being pregnant.

  2. Johanna I. says:

    I like Ezra and so does Jon. Can we put it on our shortlist for our #2, you know, since we live in a different state and have never met in person?

    I’m so sorry you are feeling so sick. It sounds terrible. My biggest pregnancy symptom, both times, has been fatigue bordering on narcolepsy, something I wish would rub off on my eight month old.

    By the way, I think I “liked” your Facebook announcement but never actually said how happy we are for all the Monkeys! Congrats!

    • Wendy says:


      You can totally have Ezra as I don’t think Mr.Monkey is going to change his mind about that and I think it goes splendidly with the name of your current little monkey.

      I had that killer fatigue the first time. I actually fell asleep during dinner, fork in hand, more than once during the first trimester with Miles. I’m tired again this time, but not nearly as bad. Each time is different, I guess.

  3. Kari says:

    With my first pregnancy, the day I hit 2nd tri it was like a switch flipped and I felt100% better. This time, feeling ill stretched a couple of weeks into 2nd tri. Though I’ve been quite lucky in that with both pregnancies, I only ever actually got sick when I accidentally gagged myself with my toothbrush. Happened 7-8 times each pregnancy. (Preggo special: super sensitive gag reflex!)

    We had our 20 week ultrasound this past week and found out we’re having a boy. At this stage he is longer than average and thinner than average. No idea where those genes came from!!

    • Wendy says:

      A boy! How exciting. I love being the mama to a little boy. They are so fun (I’m sure girls are great too, but my whole frame of reference for parenting so far is boys).

      I pretty much gag every morning when I brush my teeth. It is lovely.

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