Good to Know

In the car this morning:

Miles: I love you Mama

Me: I love you too Bobo

Miles: But sometimes I like you more and sometimes I like Papa more.

Me: Oh. Okay. When do you like Papa more?

Miles: When you are making the noise (he then does a fairly accurate impersonation of my morning gag fest). I don’t like the noise.

Me: I’m not a fan either.

Miles: I like Papa more today and so does my monkey. Monkey says (he adopts his high pitched monkey voice) I love Papa a lot. I only love Mama a little bit.

Me: Alrighty then.

Miles: I used my words. I did a good job of using my words.

Me: Yes, you did.

Miles: Aw, you so cute. You love me SO MUCH, right Mama?


Sometimes conversations with my son give me 8th grade flashbacks (“I like you but I like her more but you are cute and don’t you like me?”).


3 thoughts on “Good to Know

  1. Kansas Wiley says:

    Post script:
    When “Papa” got home in the evening and went down to the TV room where Miles and his mother were sitting on the couch, his first words to me were “Don’t say ‘hi’ to me” followed by “Don’t sit by me.” So much for loving Papa more.

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