Some Days

Some days you take your lunch hour at 9:45am because you are pregnant and hungry and tired and your sudden voracious need for crunchy, salty, greasy hash browns can’t wait until noon.

Some days you move through in a fog of tired that no amount of sleep or Diet Coke will help you lift. Some days, when you are you are dealing with some Problems (capital P totally intentional) and all you want is to be done with the Problem-solving, it feels unfair that you still have to be competent and present for the other parts of your life.

Some days you dream of a break. A place away from your normal life, a stack of books, a cozy place to sit, maybe a view. Your husband and child could come with you, but only if they promise not to need anything. Maybe you’d like them there, but only if they agreed to sit and quietly read too.

Many days you might be an extrovert, a conversationalist, a person recharged by the energy of others. But some days you are not and the thought of having to talk to anyone, about anything, seems like a lot of effort.

Maybe it is the growing dark of winter. Maybe it is the growing person inside of you. Maybe it is the capital P problems. Maybe there are some good reasons for the tired, the desire to cave in on yourself, to retreat for a while. Maybe some days are just like that.


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