20 Weeks

So, I am officially half way done with this pregnancy. The last pregnancy. EVER. For reals. Not kidding.

Time has moved differently this pregnancy compared to the last one. I’ve felt pregnant longer (the belly popped quicker, the puking started earlier and lasted longer, the back and hips are already shot) but the days themselves have moved more quickly since I am so much busier this time around. I both feel like “how is it possible I am already 20 weeks?” and “how is it possible I am only 20 weeks?”.

We go see the doctor tomorrow for what would have been the big gender reveal ultrasound, except that I got impatient and paid to have that done weeks ago. Still, I always look forward to an ultrasound and this will be the first one we take the little monkey to, so I am curious to see what he thinks of the whole thing.

The halfway point round-up:

– weight gain: still at about -11 pounds since the day I found out I was pregnant. Yay for 20 weeks of morning sickness, I guess. At this point I suspect I will probably end the pregnancy at what I started at, assuming I don’t get crazy water retention at the end.

– best pregnancy moment of the week: The kiddo’s family picture he drew at school with a scribbled orange line that he had the teacher label as “my baby”

– best pregnancy moment overall so far: Finding out it was a girl. Hands down. The look on Mr. Monkey’s face? That is something I want to remember forever.

– How much do I love being pregnant: 10% , a number that has increased since the last time I posted about this because now I am finally feeling the baby move around a lot and I love that feeling, especially since it is still gentle and not “I’m going to kick my way out of the womb via your belly button, Mama” like the last few weeks are.

– Weirdest pregnancy thing so far: I am completely and utterly disgusted by the idea of anyone (including myself) putting their finger in my belly button. I don’t have, you know, people sticking their fingers in my belly button on a regular basis so I don’t know where this aversion is coming from but I seriously think I could puke if I think about it long enough.

– Does this baby have a name? Yep.

– What is it? Nope.

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