Some recent coversations with the kiddo

Scene: Sunday morning, all of the monkey family snuggling in bed

The kid (suddenly and very solemnly): I want to tell you about my family.

Us: Okay.

Kid: I have four daughters.

Us: You do? Where do they live?

Kid (sadly): They live far away. I have a husband too.

Us: You do?

Kid: Yeah. Her name is Adaya.

Us: Oh. Does she know she is your husband?

Kid: No, not quite yet.


Scene: Tuesday night, witching hour with a grouchy three year old

Kid: I want to be alone. All by myself.

Me: Okay (I get up off the couch to go see to dinner)

Kid: Noooo! Mama! You sit down. I sit on your lap to be alone.


Scene: this morning, a very cold morning

Kid: It feels cold on my face!

Me: Yep, winter is coming

Kid: My teeth are dancing!

Me: That is called “shivering”

Kid: That is so silly. My teeth like to dance in my mouth.


Scene: In the car on the way home from school

Kid: You don’t eat paper, right?

Me: Um, no, you don’t. Paper isn’t food.

Kid: Yeah. And red paper doesn’t taste like strawberries.

Me: Did you try to eat some red paper?

Kid: It DOESN”T taste like strawberries, Mama. Conner say so but it doesn’t.

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