A Less than ideal patient

I know that there are some things (famine, war, Ann Coulter) that suck more than being sick while pregnant but the list is short because being sick while pregnant sucks. There are limited amounts of medicine you can take and you always feel vaguely guilty about taking medicine any ways. This is, of course, largely due to pregnancy websites that are like “oh, just drink some tea! Use the neti pot! Eat some raw garlic! See lots of ideas…oh…you are Googling “medicine you can take while pregnant…oh…well.  If you have to (you lousy fetal host with poor moral character) you can maybe gently lick the top of one Tylenol and see if that helps (selfish whore)”

I’ve had a cold for four days now and I keep waking up hoping that today will be the day I feel better and, nope, still stuffy, still congested, still crabby, still bitter that I’m on the couch, surrounded by crumpled tissues and half eaten pieces of toast.

I’m what you would call a less than ideal sick person (Mr. Monkey just cracked his neck nodding too vigorously). I don’t like to rest, especially since I am on an extended break from work and I have! an! agenda! of things I wanted to get done. There are things to be cleaned and organized and particular activities I wanted to do with the kiddo. And I can’t do those things and I am crabby about it. I should just enjoy the couch and the reading time and the guilt free napping but I yearn to cross things off my to do list.


Pass the tissue.

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