Crass Consumerism

So, did you have a lovely holiday? Have some fabulous family time? Perhaps sleep in late and read some good books?

Maybe even get some delightful presents?

Allow me to share some of the new toys and fun things that have come into the Monkey household this month (and, of course, all of these are things we bought, as I am not nearly a fancy enough blogger for companies to want to give me things for free. Though, if this was a sponsored post, the sponsor would have to be Costco, which I love, so call me Costco!)

First, Mr. Monkey and I got ourselves a SodaStream

We love it. It is super easy to use and I would guess we’ve each doubled the amount of water we’ve been drinking since we got it. We actually really don’t use it to make soda all that much (although the diet cranberry flavor was delicious) because it turns out we both just really love some fizzy water.

During the same Costco trip that landed us the SodaStream (a trip where we literally went in to pick up some photos and to have a slice of pizza and came out having spent over $700. Whoopsie) we found these completely ridiculously soft and snuggly sheets. We finally got a new mattress so we needed new sheets and I think I am almost more excited about these sheets than I am about the mattress. So cozy.

So, how do you end up spending $700 at Costco? Well, in addition to the SodaStream and the sheets, you go ahead and get yourself one of these:

I’ve only used the bike once so far as I got the cold turned sinus infection that wouldn’t die the day after we got this assembled but I really liked it. I think it will be a great way to keep cycling for the rest of this pregnancy (I don’t feel comfortable riding the actual bike anymore) and will give me another way to get back into shape once baby girl monkey joins us in April.

Mr. Monkey got me these for Christmas:

I am going to assume that they are awesome because we are having a weirdly warm December (I think the temperature is supposed to be 56 for the high tomorrow) so there is no actual snow to shoe through right now. I’m hoping we get some snow soonish so I can try them out before I feel to pregnant to attempt it.


I would show you all a picture of the kiddo’s favorite Christmas present but I don’t think showing you the tiny car that came with the random Pez dispenser I stuck in his stocking as an after thought would really wow you. But let me assure you, that stupid little car is getting played with every single day so far. That and the $5 fire truck I picked up at a garage sale this fall. I love three year olds. Total joy and delight for $6.75 total.

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