Happy New Year!

I woke up to the sound of my sweet boy’s voice hollering “MAMA DADA I’m not sleeping anymore. I AWAKE!” at the indulgent (for parents of a small child) time of 7:25am. I retrieved him from his room and tucked him into the cozy flannel sheets of our big bed. I could hear Mr. Monkey’s steps creaking on the wood floors as he came up from the basement where he was working on some writing. He climbed in on the other side of the bed family cuddle time. We read a book and talked about our favorite colors and then decided to take a family outing to go get pancakes for breakfast.

Now there is a large ham cooking in the oven and friends scheduled to come over and play games and eat snacks tonight and a baby with the hiccups making my belly bounce beneath this laptop.

I hope that your last day of 2011 is as relaxing as mine has been and that your 2012 will be as peaceful and prosperous and joyful as I hope mine will be.

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