Magnolia Street: Another Epilogue

I know, how could I possible have more to say?

A few people DMed me on Twitter with additional questions so I thought I’d add the answers to those here:

1. We have not had any trouble finding a home to rent since the foreclosure. We were quick to explain our situation to our current landlord (we’ve rent two homes since the process started and finished) and provide character references from past employers and landlords. We were also prepared to pay up to six months rent in advance (if we had to) (a prime example of how cash can make up for poor credit) but we never needed to make that offer.

2. I have had to get a credit check as part of an employment screening and it didn’t seem to make a difference. I, again, explained the situation to my prospective employer and offered to provide documentation if needed, but they didn’t request it and since the credit report showed that with this one exception I’d always been on time with bills it didn’t hurt me in the process.

3. Speaking for Mr. Monkey, I don’t think this situation caused any particular marital stress. We were, thankfully, both on the same page about this and I think we just knew that we had to be kind to each other and not assign blame.

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