Third Trimester Update

Someone asked me how I was feeling this morning and my instant answer was “pregnant”. I feel tired and heavy and constantly aware of this belly that is beginning to obscure my view of my feet. I think twice now if I drop something on the floor. How badly do I need that quarter or pen or piece of paper? If I stare at it long enough, will someone offer to get it for me?

I’m thinking of teaching the kiddo how to tie shoelaces so I can put him in charge doing mine in the morning.

It is safe to say that I am also reaching the grouchier stage of this whole endeavor. I find it hard not to complain to Mr. Monkey on a nightly basis about all the aches and pains that just come with being pregnant. I’m about 10 weeks away from my due date and that seems like a very long and very short period of time to wait.

I want to see her little face. I want to be done being pregnant (done FOREVER). I want to see the kiddo see his sister for the first time and to see Mr.Monkey become a father to a daughter.


I’m not ready at work. I’m not ready at home. I’m in a bit of a state of mourning about how this is going to change the dynamic of our little band of three.

I’m not so good with being in this in-between phase.

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