I’m sick.


I was just sick over Christmas, a cold that turned into a sinus infection and took a solid week to get over. And now I am on day three of this chest congestion thing that is causing me to have violent coughing fits. Sometimes these fits lead to a super fun surprise of peeing your pants. Pregnancy is dead sexy.

I just don’t feel good and I want to feel better and I feel guilty about taking medicine (what if my baby has gills? It will be all my fault) and feel dumb for suffering if I don’t need to.

I’m missing a very important meeting at work today and burning through leave time that I’ve been trying to hoard for maternity leave. Tomorrow is a busy day at work as well and I can already tell that the odds of making it in don’t look good.

And now I am whining on my blog, which must be super entertaining to read.

Sorry about that.



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