Friday Brain

I am having a baby next month. This is both a relief (my belly is continuing to encroach on my boobs and now my it feels like all of my bras are trying to kill me slowly) and a source of stress (we still need To Do ALL The Things!).

But then there is this: sometime next month I will have a little peanut of a baby asleep on my chest and that will be unbearably sweet.

She’d better be cute though. This pregnancy has been kind of a bitch.


A relative of mine had a Facebook status update today on his upcoming 21 day trip to Europe. I had a brief moment of jealously and “how can he afford that?” kind of thinking before I reminded myself that Mr.Monkey and I could theoretically  jet off to Europe too (not right now, of course) if we really wanted to but that ultimately this is time of our life for staying close to the nest and saving for the future and that Europe or Panama or Ghana will still be there when we are in the place where children aren’t so young and expensive.

And then I watched this: and laughed and felt glad to be married to someone who is cheaper than I am.


And then I fell down a worm hole of videos that make me laugh: (at about 2:19) (NSFW language)

Basically, just do a search for “Key and Peele” on YouTube and you’ll know how I spent my lunch hour today.


And, lastly, to end a post that is in no way organized, a quote from my three-year old that is both wise and true:

(The background: I’ve reminded him for the 1000th time to get a tissue instead of using his finger)

“The problem is, Mama, that most kids like the pick their nose. My fingers fit up there real good.”


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