“Mama, why is that man fat, huh?”

“Mama, what does fat mean, huh?”

“Mama, why we don’t eat poop, huh?”

“Mama, why is that box blue and not red and red is my favorite color, huh?”

“Hey, Mama? Why is it windy today and not rainy, huh?

“Mama, volleyball and soccer are rhyming words, right?”

“Why they not rhyming words? What rhyming mean?

“Huh? Huh? Huh?’

“Mama, why you say you going to sell me to the gypsies, huh?”

“Why do you need a break? What is a break? Can I have a break too?”


One thought on “Questions

  1. -R- says:

    I feel your pain. My 3 year old asks what everything does. Like, “what does lemonade do?” Uh, it sits in the glass until you drink it? “OK.”

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