Goals and Such

Once upon a time this blog started out as a fitness blog, a place for me to detail my triathlon training and the not well thought out goals I had set for myself (12 races in 12 months! In Iowa! During the year with one of the worst winters in history! Why-oh why- did that plan not work out?).

In the last year, this blog has been about, well, everything and nothing. Sometimes about parenting and pregnancy, though I don’t think I’d describe myself as a “mommy blogger” (at least partially because that term kind of bugs), sometimes about fitnessy things, but often not as my fitness took a real nose dive with this pregnancy, sometimes about money stuff, mostly about nothing in that my posting has been sporadic at best lately. I live a very infant center life these days. I nurse, I pump, I change diapers, I insert and reinsert pacificers. I don’t really know what is going on in the world, beyond what I see on The Daily Show when I am up with the baby. I fear writing a bit because I fear that I am in a deeply boring to other people kind of mental place.

I don’t know how much longer that feeling will last, when I’ll feel interesting again.

I’m a week away from the 6 week post-partum check-up where, in addition to hopefully being told that I’m once again free to do more than hand holding and necking with Mr. Monkey, I’ll be told I can start working out again. I’ve been doing some walking and a few sessions on our exercise bike but nothing that really feels like it is moving me toward actual fitness.

Last week I took the kids to a nearby state park that I’d never been to before. It was lovely: green and lushly wooded with a nice 1.9 mile trail loop running through it. As I carried the babe in the Snuggli and tried to get the kid to stop whacking all the trees with the stick he found and promptly declared to be his new friend “Sticky”, I decided that I’m going to run that trail by my birthday in August.

I haven’t run in maybe 10 or 11 months, so I’ll be starting from scratch. I’ll need to figure out if my sports bras still fit me in my current bovine condition. Mr Monkey and I will need to make a schedule so we can figure out how both of us can get time away from parenting to run. These are all things that can be figured out, of course, and I have about 12 weeks to do it.




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