Photo Essay

So, apparantly my sweet boy not only loves to take pictures but is also quite adept at discovering where I’ve put the camera and when I’m not paying enough attention to notice that he’s swiped it.

Behold, the highlights from his recent 247 picture photo shoot of random crap from around our house:

Nicely composed shot of our bath towels.

Self portrait of an artist

The kitchen in motion

“The brown guy” (aka how Miles referred to Mr.Monkey at a recent social event)

Self portrait #2 of a 15 shot series of self portraits


There is also a series of pictures of me that I won’t be posting because I do have some pride but that do remind me that I should never, ever get pictures taken from below by a photographer who is less than 45 inches tall. Not good.

2 thoughts on “Photo Essay

  1. Ellie says:

    These had Nate and I DYING laughing. Regarding the first self-portrait Nate says “he looks like he’s in utero” while I suggested more of an alien sort of perspective–do you think that’s what he was going for? Either way, we both agree we’d like to see more from this series…a promising artist indeed!

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