Oh Sweet Girl

I’ve been back at work for about a week now, slowly digging out from an incredible amount of email received while on leave and trying to ease my way into a new routine that now starts at the painful-for-me time of 5:40am. People are stilling getting used to having me back and a several times a day someone stops by my office to see a picture of the babe and to ask the three questions everyone asks:

1. Is she sleeping (or the variation “Are you SO tired?”)?

2. How is Miles doing with her?

3. Is she a good baby?

The first two questions are easy: she is a great sleeper and Miles is over the moon in love with her and has, on multiple occasions, declared his intention to marry her as “you should marry the person you love the most”.

The third question…well, I kind of hate the third question. All babies are good babies. I mean, I get that people are really trying to get a sense of how stressed you as a parent are and, maybe, a sense of the babe’s personality, but that implied value judgment is a troubling to me. Are there people who think they got a bad baby?

Maybe it is easy for my to say that because Evelyn is a “good” baby. She is easy going and she sleeps and she’s a hungry little chubster who doesn’t care if she gets a boob or the bottle as long as it isn’t freezing cold and she doesn’t have to wait long for it. She is curly haired and maybe hazel eyed and when she smiles at me, it is gummy and glorious and makes my heart grow to end of the movie Grinch like proportions.

And, oh. Oh do I miss her today.

Mr. Monkey is now the stay at home parent and even though it is early and he is still finding his routine with them, I can tell they are all going to do fine without me all day long.

And that is okay. But, ooof,  this is hard today. I miss her milky smelling neck and her soft skin and the way her head fits in my hand.

My sweet girl.

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