Slow Your Roll

I should preface this series of pictures with a little background: The boy monkey was a bit on the late side as far as the whole rolling over thing went. He was pretty chunky and I think gathering enough momentum to get himself turned was a challenge. He was, I think, at least 6 months before he was rolling with any regularity, if at all.

And then there is this girl (pictures taken when she was 11 weeks old):

I, frankly, am not sure how I feel about her seemingly strong desire to be mobile. This is how I know she is a second child. If kid #1 was already rolling at 11 weeks I’d have been like “he is a prodigy! I am an amazing parent!” … with kid #2 it is more of a “oh crap, now we’re really going to have stop being so lazy on the whole vacuuming and baby proofing thing”

I suspect that knowing this is the last baby is going make some of these milestones kind of bittersweet. This is my last first time for a baby rolling over. As much as I enjoy the relative ease that comes with a baby growing into more independence and not being so wholly needy, I’m going to grieve when all of her babyness is used up.


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