The Break-Up

If you asked me if I had any bad habits (and let’s pretend you did, so I’ll have a reason to keep going with this post) I’d be able to quickly list a half dozen or so:

I should exercise more

I should go to bed earlier

I should bring my lunch to work more

I should stop buying so many magazines/pairs of shoes/ black skirts

I should eat less candy/ice cream/cookies

I should watch less crap on TV

But if I had to identify the one worst habit…

Diet Coke.

Man, I love my Diet Coke. Especially first thing in the morning, especially from a fountain (double extra bonus points if it is from McDonalds). I love the bite of carbonation, the not-so-sweetness of it. I can easily drink a two liter in a day though I try to limit myself to one 32 ounce a day.

I cut back some when I was pregnant and nursing but the beginning of the end of nursing coincided with the most stressful time at work and my Diet Coke consumption was BAD the last couple of weeks.  Like, really bad. 100+ ounces a day bad.

And, unfortunately, it shows. My weight is creeping up, I’m craving sugar like a mad woman, and I’m certainly not drinking enough water.

I don’t think I can do moderation where Diet Coke is concerned. I think I need to break it off for a while.

I also think that this is going to suck.

A lot.

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