I’m Not Good at Headlines Today

Oh, hello, poor little neglected blog.

I’ve been writing lately. Writing a lot, actually, as I picked up a paid blogging gig at CafeMom but the dailyness of that has let me a little lacking in energy for posting here and working on my other fiction writing stuff.

Which is a shame because I have thoughts! And ideas! And updates! But, alas, am tired and have been spending my evenings zoning out on Twitter instead of doing anything with those pesky thoughts and ideas of mine.

(I love Twitter and I suspect it is kind of terrible for me. It is like mental candy)

A few things to quickly share and the promise of more to come:

– I can’t believe it is the middle of September already. This is good news. It means I survived August, which is historically the worst month at work.

-I’m 80% sure that I’m going to apply for grad school for the spring. I’m pre-annoyed though because I have to take the GRE as part of the application and A)it is $175 and B) my scores will make ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE. There is basically no way I won’t get accepted so the GRE is just an expensive hurdle.

– Evelyn is *thisclose* to figuring out how to crawl. Miles has just started to fall in love with Legos and so there are about 257 little tiny Legos on the floor at any given moment. So, that will be fun soon.

– The whole no Diet Coke thing is, uh, still a struggle. I didn’t have any yesterday. But the first thing in the morning one is really, really, really hard for me to skip.

– I sold my breast pump on Craigslist last week so that chapter of my live is over (forever) and I am alternating between feeling no big deal about it to very sad. I’d guess we have another two or three weeks of breast milk in the freezer to give the girl, which gets her pretty close to my goal of six months.

– After a year and a half of no work related travel I have three overnight trips on the schedule for October. That is a lot of time away from Mr. Monkey and the littles. I’m trying not to think about it too much and to focus on the fact that I’m looking forward to each of the trips, even though two of them are just to other places in Iowa (the third is San Francisco, so how can I not look forward to that?).
More to come, more to say…



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