Checking In

*blows dust off the blog*

Well, hello.

Good thing I didn’t have “blog more” as a New Year’s Resolution.

I miss this little blog and feel like I am just a bit out of practice at this, so bear with me (I almost typed that as “bare with me” but since I am wearing pants while I write this it didn’t make sense to leave it like that. But you should totally feel free to read this naked if that is how you roll) as I give you some bullet points- AKA the lazy blogger method- on my life.

– Someone asked in the comments if I’m still getting up early to workout and the answer is “yes, kind of”. I’ve been getting up at least once a week to get in a pre-work workout but I also joined an evening triathlon training group so am doing that once a week at nights. I’ve actually been on a pretty consistent exercise routine for the last six weeks or so, with some travel related exceptions last week, which feels pretty good. I’ve lost exactly 0 pounds since then, which is both frustrating and another reminder that I have got to get my sugar consumption under control.

– It looks like I’ll be starting a doctoral program in the fall…somewhere. I’ve applied to two schools and am accepted to both so have to make some choices soon about that. I’m mostly excited but also a little daunted to be starting something that is going to be occupying me for the next five years or so.

– I traveled to Arizona with the children by myself. They did about as well as could be expected but I am in NO HURRY to do that again. Newly walking babies+head cold+airplane= sad sad crying and lots of squirming

On a non-update note…thanks for checking in on this little neglected blog. I hope you are well.


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