The Media Diet

Last week I, for a brief few days before I got a cold and lost all of my desire for self-improvement in a tissue soaking snot fest of self-pity, I followed through on the “no TV or electronic media after 7pm” plan I mentioned in my last blog post.

In some ways it was easy, as I started Monday, so after I got to watch my beloved The Amazing Race on Sunday night so I didn’t have to give up anything really painful. I fed the baby her last bottle, tucked her into her crib and turned off the TV, slid the iPad into a drawer and left my phone upstairs. I grabbed a book (Play by Stuart Brown, which turns out to be about the best thing to read when thinking about wanting to connect more with activities that really feed your soul or whatever hippie word you want to use, instead of zoning out on Twitter) and sat down and read until bedtime.

Did I want to zone out on Twitter? I did, briefly. I like Twitter. I have friends there. It feels soothing to me, this form of communication that requires to little energy. But then the book engaged me and I read until I was aware of feeling tired and then I went to bed…nearly an hour earlier than usual.

The next night I did the same thing…until I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30pm. My husband woke me to send me to bed and I felt certain that I needed to sleep but also that I would have stayed up much longer if I had been watching TV or on the internet.

The next night I was in bed at 8pm, which turned out to be the start of the cold that sent me back into the loving embrace of social media (on Twitter, they can’t hear your disgusting sneezing. A real perk when you are at the point of the head cold where you are ready to stick two tampons up your nose and call it a day).

Since then I’ve been back into the TV/iPad nightly combo and it feels familiar. I’m going to bed later again.  I’m also back to drinking Diet Coke in the morning after eight days clean and sober. I haven’t picked up my book…the one I like and am interested in and read 9/10ths of last week since then.

I think I need to give the media diet another try. I need less zoning. More reading, more writing, more connecting with Mr. Monkey.

Except for on Sundays.

Mad Men starts soon.

One thought on “The Media Diet

  1. Ellie says:

    Glad you’re back on the blog, lady. Hopefully the tantalizingly close but not yet here spring will assist in the media diet–cause one of my top three favorite things to do? Hang out with you! Looking forward to addressing agenda items on the trails soon!

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