Someday I’ll be Dr. Monkey

So, I’m starting grad school. Officially. Loans requested, classes registered for, a plan coming together and, mostly, a sense of going to the place that will work well for me right now. I ended up applying for the dream school referenced in this post and was denied for admission, which wasn’t surprising but was still disappointing. I got into all the other programs I applied for however and will be starting classes THIS WEEK (picture a a slightly manic and panicked look on my face as you read that as I also have about 1000 other things to do this week and am not totally sure how it will all fit together) at the school that made the most geographic and financial sense for me.

I met with my advisor earlier this week and we laid out an ambitious but hopefully doable plan that gets me wrapped up in 2015…or 2016…I’m trying to be realistic about what the whole balancing life/work/dissertation writing will be like.

My little Bobo has four more days of preschool and then will start kindergarten this fall. Perhaps we’ll do our homework together in the next couple of years. I think sometimes about the fact that he is edging into the territory where he’s old enough that he’ll start remembering some of the things that happen now (my earliest memories are from around age 4/5). I wonder how he’ll remember this. Will he remember the nights that I won’t be home to kiss him goodnight because I’ll have class or will he remember the calming sounds of his beloved Dada reading him The Wind in the Willows at bedtime? Will he remember the times I’ll need to escape to the coffee shop to do school work or will he remember how we’d still go swimming on Sunday mornings, shivering together in the chilly pool water, neither of us wanting to get out?

I hope, very much, that he’ll remember our upcoming family vacation, which feels to me like a big last hurrah before another new chapter starts for us all. I think it is going to be a great trip…the one where my water loving boy will get introduced to the ocean for the first time. I’ll likely be doing quantitative methods homework at night after the kids go to sleep but I’ll be doing it while sitting on a screened in porch, staring at the Atlantic Ocean.

That seems like a fine way spend my first few weeks as the soon(ish)-to-be Dr.Monkey


3 thoughts on “Someday I’ll be Dr. Monkey

  1. Gretchen says:

    Oh oh oh!!! Feel free to stalk me. I’m gmeyer @ (that university). In the Palmer building, upstairs from the lab school. Will you be on campus during the day? I’m serious, but I won’t push – I know that’s creepy. Best of luck – I’m excited for you! My mom went to grad school summers when I was a kid. I remember getting to go there to visit or something (she had to be away because it was 2 hrs from home) and having dad around home. Nothing bad.

    • Wendy says:

      Hey there! I will sometimes be on campus during the day. My program is kind of an odd one, so sometimes we meet on campus, sometimes down at the community college center in Ames. We also go fairly long times between meetings, but I’ll shoot you an email…maybe we can meet for coffee sometime 🙂

      • Gretchen says:

        I figured – grad classes have always been odd, and are getting more odd especially in the summer. Good luck and it would be great to hear from you!

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