I think I shall call him Fred

I have a zit on the side of my face, just at the hairline, that is one of those gigantic painful lumps that is 90% under the skin and can’t be popped. It hurts to touch it, so of course I touch it every five minutes, just to make sure it still hurts.

I’m turning 35 in a few months, so I’m feeling philosophical about this thing. I think it nicely draws the eye away from the emerging wrinkles around my eyes.


So, in non-zit related news, the monkey family is moving at the end of the month. This isn’t entirely surprising, as the house we’ve been renting has been on the market since October, but it still feels like this is happening quickly. Though the rental market here is terrible and depressing (so few, but so expensive) we were able to find a new house that will work for us, so I’m mostly looking forward to it.

For those keeping track at home, this will be house number six for us. We celebrate eight years of marriage this summer. I’m hoping we’ll be here until I finish grad school and then maybe, just maybe, we’ll find our forever house.


My child had a near melt down tonight at dinner because he wanted a tortilla with cheese…but didn’t want the quesadilla that was already on the table.

He was teary eyed and petulant. He refused delicious cheesy goodness. He turned down guacamole, which, what? That is crazy cakes.

It was one of those parenting moments where you look at your beloved child and think “Have you lost your fool mind?” and start mentally figuring out how early you can get their little cranky, over tired butt to bed.

Good times.

At least he is cute:




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