Home Sweet Home

When you begin to tell people you are moving, whether that move is in town or across the country, about 79% of people will grimace and say the same three words: “Ugh, moving sucks”.

And, of course, they are right.

Moving is exhausting and expensive and inevitably takes longer than you think it will. Something will get lost (where are you, black bookshelf? How do you lose a bookshelf?) or broken (bunk bed).  It sucks, it does.

But then you discover that your new neighbors are friendly and welcoming in a way that your old neighbors never were (we only met them a handle of times in over two years and those times usually involved them yelling at us about our grass being too long…a week after we’d just brought a baby home from the hospital, you assholes…em, not that I’m still bitter) and someone might bring you a box of pastries from the local bakery.

And then you see the joy in your little boy’s face as he discovers that there are other boys his age nearby who have yards he can play in and Nerf guns he can deeply covet.

And your best friend lives across the street and helps you move in and get settled.

And then moving suddenly doesn’t suck that much at all.

Welcome home, us.


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Gretchen says:

    Moving in across the street from a friend would be TOTALLY worth it. I’d have to move to Vegas to live by my best friend.

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