New House Tour

I confess that I am basically stealing this idea from this post despite the fact that K. has a neater house and takes better pictures.

I love seeing the inside of people’s houses: how they arrange the furniture, if they are afraid or embrace color on the walls, whether the house feels like a showplace or a home. I’m no interior decorator and most of my house design decisions are based on two questions due to the fact we have two littles in the house: can Evelyn climb it and can it be easily washed or cleaned?

Ultimately though I want a house that feels comfortable and welcoming, cozy and homey. The house we’re in now is a rental so not everything about it is exactly how I’d have it in a perfect world, but it is pretty close.

Starting from the outside:


To get to our new old (built in 1917 or so) house, you must first stop and admire the fine sidewalk chalking of two emerging young artists. 025

From the front door, you come in to the living room (stairs to the upstairs are just to the right of where I was standing when I took this picture.047

The French doors lead into my office, which was one of the main reasons we rented this house (other main reason was loving the neighborhood). Mr. Monkey and I both have our own offices. It is glorious. 048

Please note the realism of the shot. I’m not trying to pretend that my office doesn’t have bristle blocks on the floor pretty much all the time. 049

My office has three of the eight bookshelves in the house, bookshelves that reside in a gated community because, well, Evelyn. 

Next we come to the dining room with the built in shelves. Love them. 050Then the kitchen. I don’t love the cabinets, but I love the amount of space. We had people over on Friday and it is a very good hang out while the cook is cooking kind of kitchen. Our last house had white tiles in the kitchen, which drove me crazy. They were impossible to keep clean. This tile is much prettier and more forgiving. There are also doors in here leading out to the deck and backyard.


Moving upstairs you’ll find the three bedrooms and the only bathroom in the house. Evelyn’s room is teeny tiny, but so is she, so it works. The walls were painted like this when we moved it. It is a lot of pink but works for now. 052

This is Mr. Monkey’s office, which we have the goal of keeping the kiddos out of. There is still some stuff in here that will probably get moved elsewhere as we settle in more. 054

The master bedroom, which leads into his office. No quilt on the bed at the moment as it is toasty warm up there in the summer. The room is good sized, especially for the age of the house. 055

Hello bathroom, hello toilet seat that is up 75% of the time (I am so used to it being up that I didn’t even notice until I uploaded the picture. Sigh. This is life with a 5 yr old boy)057

Said 5 year old boy’s bedroom. Star Wars decals on the wall, because of course there are. The bunk bed has Angry Bird Stars Wars sheets. Once upon a time I was going to be the “no branded stuff” for my kids’ clothing and rooms but I’ve largely given up on that. I want his room to be a happy space for him to spend time. Star Wars makes him happy. I can live with that. 058We are fortunate to also have a mostly not scary basement but it isn’t photogenic so I’ll spare you that.

We’ve been here 20 days, so I’m please with how settled in we are. I think this is the exact right house for us right now.

2 thoughts on “New House Tour

  1. Gretchen says:

    I am jealous of your woodwork. I know it can feel heavy and old-timey sometimes, but you just don’t see it any more. We got to build a house in an affordable housing project here which was so lucky, but it’s small (and 18 yrs old now) and everything is the cheapest grade. “Woodwork” is awful but such a nightmare to replace it all. Enjoy your pretty house and all your windows!

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