This and That

I have several assignments due on Thursday, so of course I am suddenly filled with an intense desire to do almost anything other than homework. Balancing my checkbook? What a fun task! Reading the 2008 archives of a favorite blog? A great use of time! God help me, I even bought a Dustbuster to really get the sand from our last lake trip off the bathroom floor.

Will I want to do any of these things on Friday morning, when all the homework has been done and submitted?

Yeah, no.


My most essential friend finally came home after selfishly leaving me for two weeks to go galivanting off to Canada on to tap into her Anne of Green Gables side with her cute husband for thier anniversary.

During that time I had to endure some real challenges like going to Target by myself, not immediately sharing gossip about a crazy person at work, and not having her there next to me on a neighbor’s porch when an impromptu get together happened.

Why is life so hard?

Seriously though…I hope you all have a friend like E.  She is funny and wise and accepting and likes my kiddos. She is also pretty, a stylish dresser and has the cutest butt in yoga pants, but I like her inspite of these obvious shortcomings. And she likes me even though I am frequently dishelved, not a stylish dresser and am built more for sweat pants than yoga pants.

Welcome home, dear friend.


My son is dying to start kindergarten. He told me tonight that he has to get up early tomorrow and get a piece of paper, a pencil and a clipboard because he has homework to do. He reports that he was “excited to start play school and excited to start preschool but I’m really really excited to start kindergarten. I’ll have homework all the time!”.

I wish I had 1/10 of his enthusism for the whole homework thing right now.


3 thoughts on “This and That

    • Wendy says:

      My husband plans to surprise him tomorrow at breakfast with a clipboard of his very own. Now the learning can really begin!

  1. Ellie says:

    Oh my goodness…tearing up a bit over here. You were a champion for enduring what you did while I was away. Let’s do vacation together next time so neither of us has to persevere through such hardship again. And also…you are the best (and not just because you think my butt, which I am often self-conscious about, looks good in yoga pants). I DO love your cute self, your cute husband and your cute children and I am glad to be back too!

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