Books and Books and Maybe a Magazine

Yesterday I submitted my final paper for the summer term. My first semester of my doctoral program is officially over and I have one sweet month of break time before the fall semester starts.

This happens to correspond with the busiest month of the year at work, but still…no homework guilt for a month.

I am going to read the crap out of this month.

Here is what is on my reading agenda for the month:

A small stack of magazines (1 Vanity Fair, 1 Outside, 1 Oprah and one or two triathlon related ones)


 Product Details

I am currently not running with anyone as plantar faciitis is kicking my ass, but I do love this kind of book.


Not usually a mystery reader but I love JK Rowling, so I am curious to read it.


Product Details

Which I just found on the clearance rack at the school bookstore for a crazy cheap price,

And maybe this:

Product Details

Specifically so I can chat about it with my buddy E. who just finished it.


What’cha reading these days?


Oh, addendum: if you haven’t read The Fault in Our Stars yet, you really should. It was so engaging.

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