The Bet

The mister and I have a bet going on and it is a big one.

$500 on the line, to be exact.

$500 to be spent in any way the winner chooses, but let me go ahead and spoil the outcome for you: he will spend it on a collection of DVDs he has been yearning for, I will likely spend it on either a plane ticket or clothes. We don’t really have a lot of extra storage for more DVDs, so I better win this thing. Just to keep the house organized, you understand.

The bet stems from a conversation about which would be harder, getting a non-runner trained enough for a half marathon or getting a non-swimmer trained for a 2.1 mile open water swim.

Obviously the swimming is harder We were unable to come to agreement about this and thus the bet was born.

In order for me to win, I have to run a half marathon in 2 hours and 38 minutes (12 minute miles). For him to win, he has to complete an open water swim of 2.1 miles in 2 hours or less.

Whoever gets it done first wins. The race he is planning on doing is in August, so I have a year to get this done. If neither of us meets the challenge, the bet rolls over to the next year with another $100 added to the pot.

I’m honestly not sure who will win. I’ve got a bad case of plantar faciitis right now and can’t even walk a mile, let alone start running again. Mr. Monkey has never swam in open water and will have to find time without the kiddos to swim train.

We’ll see.

Game on.


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