What Weekend Looks Like

So that last post was a bit of downer, no? Let’s cleanse the blogging palate with some cute kiddo photos from this weekend.

ImageWe are having a dramatic resurgence of interest in coloring lately. I am enjoying it, even as a suffer through my pain when the kids mess up my page (hello, I was working on shading in that Hot Wheels page son. Have some respect for my coloring skills).


I’ve been working on some freelance writing this weekend and trying to keep the girl entertained while the husband and the boy are out jogging together. She is easily entertained, thankfully, by my repeated requests that she find her belly button.

ImageWe’re also trying on various pairs of shoes, the white sock and fancy shoe combo is a major hit today

ImageI love this picture, by the way. This blur in fancy shoes is just so who my daughter is.

(not shown: me cleaning purple crayon off the couch, the result of my daughter so being who she is…)

Hope you are having a lovely, lovely weekend.

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