Updates and Assorted Things

The boy has started kindergarten and, lo, it seems that he loves it as much as I expected he would. He seems a little wiped out at the end of the day and it is like pulling teeth to get details of his day out of him, though he did share that “there is a kind of poop called DYE A RITA and if you have that kind of poops, you don’t have to raise your hand, you can go right to the bathroom”. I feel sad for both the kid who served as an object lesson for this (not mine, thankfully) and for the janitor that had to clean up afterwards.

In addition to the obvious excitement about learning about poop, he seems to be enjoying school so far and making friends. He suffered a bit of a head wound on Sunday (he is fine now) and was able to use that as social currency for other five year olds who wanted to “see the hole in my head”. That plus a shared love of Star Wars seems to be all is required for instant friendship.


Since we are talking about five year old boys, allow me to crowd source a question. My kiddo loves Legos and can occupy himself with them for hours of quiet play time (well, quiet with bursts of “NO Evelyn! Don’t touch” when his curious little sister tries to make off with a freshly made battle droid). The thing about Legos is that they are so expensive. He has his eye on a particular set that is $80. He visits this set every time we are at Target. Every time he earns allowance he talks about saving it toward this set. He knows it is expensive (but doesn’t have a concept of what “expensive” really is) but wants it so badly.

I have never, ever bought him an $80 toy and the thought of that kind of gives me heart palpitations. But I was at Target the other day and they were nearly sold out of this set and that also gave me a heart palpitation as I thought about him not ever getting to have this set.

Do I buy it and save it for Christmas? Wait for him to save, say, at least $10 toward it and then kick in the rest? See if the yearning subsides? But what if it is sold out?

Fret fret fret


I start school again in a few weeks. I’ll have two classes and two seminars. I’m much less nervous about the classes than I was for my summer classes, though I suspect my stats class will be a bit of a challenge. If all goes according to plan I’ll be in classes through the spring of 2015. That seems both very short and very long.


My husband is starting to make progress on his part of our bet. I have exercised for about 10 minutes for the last month and a half. This might not bode well for me.


And, to end on a cheesy note, thank you for reading this. I’m not the most regular poster and it is nice to see that there are still folks who check in on this little corner of the internet. Thanks.



One thought on “Updates and Assorted Things

  1. Ellie says:

    Thank you for writing this! And on the lego note…I say make him kick in some if you do decide to buy…after all, he’s intentionally saving and that seems like a conscientious, responsible plan on the part of that little 5-year old. But also, if it sells out before he/you can get it, remember, he’s five, and he will soon be easily focused on something new/different and it will be okay.

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