It rained the other night and the next morning our street was wet and covered with leaves. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees and the air felt fresh and clean.

It felt like a preview of fall and, oh, how happy that makes me.

There is much to love about summer, of course: taking the kids to the lake for a late afternoon swim, impromptu gatherings with the neighbors where the kids pause from playing just long enough to slurp down some juicy watermelon, faces sticky and grinning, and, for me, lazy Saturday afternoons reading for fun instead of school. All good things.

But summer for me is also stressful. August is probably the most challenging month of the year at work and I am not really a hot weather fan. Add to that the fact that we had to move this summer and that I’ve been (literally) hobbled by a foot injury since the end of June and it has been a long couple of months.

And now fall is nearly here. I’m freshly stocked up on school supplies (I’m in four (4) (!) classes this semester), my boy is thriving in kindergarten, and I’m getting itchy to wear long sleeves again.

Fall also means a trip to the Twin Cities, a very Star Wars themed Halloween, and Kansas for Thanksgiving in addition to the everyday pleasures of long walks around our neighborhood, dinners of chili or soup, baking loaves of fresh bread and weekends of football and snacks.

Happy days ahead.


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