Oh, you guys, this baby.

She is so funny. She is a dancer and mimic and she loves her stuffed animals extravagantly. She is so full of sunshine and good cheer, except when she is being thwarted (she’s a climber and a curious little person, so the thwarting is a must) or if anyone other then me, my husband, her brother or our best friends are interacting with her. When someone who isn’t part of her inner circle of five people smiles at her she becomes such a stoic and serious little person. She doesn’t do well with babysitters or at childcare at the Y, unless the one caretaker she likes is there. She takes a long time to warm up to people, which is so the polar opposite of her brother at that age (or every other age, for that matter. He is Mr. Friendly). In someways I think this is good. I could do to be a bit more reserved myself, sometimes.

I do wonder if this is phase or if she is shy by nature and how she’ll do when she eventually goes to daycare or school. Sometimes I find myself a little sad that other people don’t get to see how funny and animated and delightful she is and then I feel a bit sad about the fact that I feel sad about that (if that makes sense).
Maybe she is just an introvert, which will be an interesting experience for me, who just got the highest score possible for extroversion on the MBTI. I hope I do right by her. 


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