A Non-fit Person Reviews the Fitbit Flex

The short version: I like it and find it useful and maybe you will to.

The long version: A few months ago I got a Fitbit Flex after reading Sarah Lena’s  glowing of hers. After a long, sedentary summer (thanks plantar fasciitis!) I was am feeling like I’m starting from ground zero in terms of fitness (again, sigh. Story of my adult life) and thought the Fitbit might help motivate me to move more during the day, especially at work. Other than going from one meeting to another, I can spend all day at my desk and I was hoping seeing the Fitbit on my arm would remind me to move it a bit.  To that end, I think it has, though I still don’t consistently hit the 10,000 daily step goal I’ve set for myself (which is obviously my fault, not the fault of the tracker). A bit more on the experience:

Set-up: Easy, except that I didn’t realize before I bought it that it only syncs with iPhones and some Samsungs. At the time I had a Droid and was a bit miffed that I could only sync it with my computer. Now I have an iPhone and the sync is beautiful and it was easy to get it set up.

Comfort: I’m aware of it on my wrist but it isn’t bothersome generally. I don’t wear it in the shower (though it is waterproof) because I feel like my wrist gets a bit clammy and takes a while to dry off when it gets wet.

Appearance: It isn’t ugly but doesn’t look like jewelry either. I’ve had a few people ask what it is in the “what is that thing?” kind of way. Someday I’d like to get a few other colored bands to try to match my work clothes a little better.

Things I like: the weekly reports of my progress, the easy to use dashboard, the sleep tracker (which confirms that I fall asleep FAST) and the ability to have friends you can follow/compete with.

Things I don’t like: it doesn’t track well when your arms aren’t freely moving, so I feel like my steps when I’m pushing a shopping cart or a stroller aren’t really captured accurately. I’ve recently started using the food log feature and it seems like a lot of foods that are brand names/basics  aren’t in the database.



One thought on “A Non-fit Person Reviews the Fitbit Flex

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