Change, Maybe

I’m in one of those periods where, in a month or so, my life might look very different.

Or it might look exactly the same.

There is nothing, really, at this point that I can do to influence whether thing X that might cause thing Y will happen, so I’m just resting in where I am right now.

I’m not usually good at uncertainty but I’m feeling strangely (for me) calm about it all. Perhaps because we are entering one of my favorite times of year and there is lots of good stuff happening in the next few weeks. Our biggest son (my terrific stepson B) is coming for a visit on Monday, then we all head to Kansas to visit Mr. Monkey’s family (who I adore) for Thanksgiving. The a few weeks of work and then I have 12- count em 12!- days off of work in a row for the holidays. I’m more done than not with school for the semester and have completed the grad class I was most concerned about taking. I haven’t found out yet if I’ve passed, but I feel pretty confident (suck it, stats).

And, right now, at this very second, I am on the cusp of the weekend starting and I have a cozy night at home to look forward to.

So I can wait.

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