Break Updates

I’m nine days into my twelve day holiday break from work (yes, I get twelve days, including weekends, off from work as paid leave. I am so screwed if I ever have to work for a college or university that doesn’t close for the holidays as my whole being is a quiver in holiday break anticipation starting in about mid-November) and despite having some issues with recurring headaches I am about as relaxed as I can remember being since our trip to North Carolina in the summer.

We stayed home this year and have been having lazy days and lots of family time. The boy has been wearing pajamas for five days straight (not the same pajamas, I should add. We make him put on a fresh pair every day or so) and has been greatly enjoying his Christmas Legos. The girl has discovered her brothers old Thomas train sets and has been busily exploring the Island of Sodor. Some times her brother forgets that he doesn’t really play trains anymore and he joins her on the floor and we get minutes (whole minutes!) of peacefully playing.


I wanted to be fairly intentional about relaxing this break and enjoying the fact that I’m not in school or at work. I’ve made a serious dent in my pile of magazines from the fall and did some post-Christmas cleaning, purging and organizing that made the house feel lighter and brighter to me. Mr. Monkey and I went on our first date since, err, May?, and it was delightful. We’ll have friends over for New Year’s Eve and there will be snacks and game playing, two things I love.

Other than two doctor’s appointments this week (one to double check a funky freckle and one to check on the headaches) I plan to do as little as possible before I go back to work on Thursday. I may join my son in exploring the pajamas as day wear fashion concept. I’ll probably log some floor time with Thomas and my baby conductor. I will certainly eat more dip than I really ought to. It should be a fine ending to a pretty perfect break.



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