Saddles, back in

After just over a month break from grad school (a month spent reading magazines and books for fun, oh happiness) I had my first class of the semester tonight. I’ve got a pretty full semester this go round: three classes and two seminars for a grand total of 11 credit hours.

And, yes, I’m still working and planning to parent my children and hopefully hang out with my husband and friends sometimes too.

It feels, in these early days, before I’ve even seen all the syllabi, that this will be manageable. Perhaps it is just the fact that I don’t have stats or my overinflated sense of confidence, but I think I got this.

I’m almost positive.


We’ve moved back into our old building at work, after nine makeshift months in a different building due to renovations. The temporary space made me feel, well, kind of temporary. There was not a lot of long term planning or launching of big projects. Instead there was a lot of “well, let’s see what happens when we move back in to old building…”. While we were in the temporary space I dipped a tiny toe into the job market, which added to the sense of temporariness. Maybe I’d be gone before we’d move back in, so best not start anything new.

But the possibility of something else didn’t pan out and so here I am, back in the new old building, back out of the job market, here for the foreseeable future.

Time to start a new project.


My FitBit tells me I’m starting to move more. I’m still not hitting the 10,000 steps per day that is the ideal goal. But the number is inching slowly up. I’m not last amongst my Fitbit friends. I’m nowhere near first, of course, as there is one woman who is averaging 15,000-17,000 steps per day (that? So impressive) but I’m moving more than some, more than I was before.

Bit by bit.

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