I officially want to move to Europe. I’d like to just be whelmed.

I’m feeling distinctly over right now.


My girl has been in the midst of a massive language explosion lately. She seems to have new words every day and is starting to string together two and three word phrases. All words are good, but some are extra adorable, like the fact that she cheerfully chirps “wecome!” if you give her anything or do something nice for her. She does it unprompted which is so polite that it is hard to want to remember to try to get her to say “thank you” instead.

She has also learned the words “snuggle” and “cubbers” (covers) so there is a lot of requesting to “snuggle? Cubbers? SNUGGLE? CUBBERS!!”.

When it is 3 degrees outside it is pretty hard to say no to that, even for a big brother who sometimes finds her desperate love for him to be tiresome.



Mr. Monkey and I are going on a date on Friday. That makes two dates in a 30 day period, which is for sure a record in the post-kids era. I want to go eat some good food and then go hold hands in the dark at the movies.

And then I’d like to go home and discover that my children have miraculously turned into weekend late sleepers.

I’ll probably have to settle for the dinner and a movie though.



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