A Day in My Life

(Hat tip to K for the idea)


The girl wakes up and my husband gets her and gets her cup of milk and changes her out of her wet diaper. Sometimes they go downstairs and snuggle on the couch, sometimes they’ll come back to the big bed and cuddle with me. At 6am the alarm on my FitBit buzzes and I slap at it until it stops. I intend to get up and go ride the exercise bike in the basement but instead I fall back into half sleep.


Wake up for real when Miles comes in for a snuggle which quickly turns into a demand for “gettings” (tickles). Some of my favorite moments of the day are when we are all in the big bed and the kids are cuddling and hugging. This doesn’t always happen as sometimes Miles wakes up grumpy and is a total pill to his little sister whose love for him is exuberant and loud first thing in the morning.


Shower and dress. We only have one bathroom so everyone is in and out of the bathroom as I shower. Often Evelyn will demand to have her hair done (she pats her head and says “Hair? hair? Peez?”) or will want to play “super flying baby” which is when she gets lifted up so she can peer over the shower door at me while I shower. This delights her to no end.


Commute to work. Listen to NPR until it gets too depressing and then switch to a CD and belt out “Let it Go” and pretend I sound 1/27th as good as Idina Menzel (I do not).


Get to the office and settle in for the day. I supervise six departments and around 30 staff members so I usually start the day by seeing if anyone is out, if we have any holes in our coverage of the critical duties for the day, and if there are any urgent student issues that came up over night. Then I check my email and try to clear out my inbox as much as I can. I average 75-100 emails a day at work and I only let the ones that still need attention sit in the inbox. I am at three in the box right now, not too bad.

I’ll make a pit stop in the bathroom and wonder if I should have worn a necklace with this dress.


(yes, I think so)


Meeting with other department heads. Long but lunch is provided, which makes me a happy camper. This time we are talking about changing degree requirements and the roll out of a major new student services program.


Work on projects, answer emails, manage any issues that came up while I was out of the office. I check my Fitbit and see that I’ve had a lot of butt in seat time today, so get up and take a few laps around the building, stopping to chat with some work friends. The afternoons tend to go pretty quickly


Commute home


Get home and get the enthusiastic greetings from the girl and Mr. Monkey. The kids are usually watching PBS Kids or hanging out on the floor with Legos and Thomas trains


I’m usually about half way in the door before Miles is begging to use my phone to play the Minion game. I’m all the way in before Mr. Monkey gives Miles his 1000th reminder to at least say hi and give me a hug first. It is hard to compete with the Minion game.

If the weather is above freezing I might see if the kids want to take a walk around the block before dinner.


Dinner, playing with the kids and bedtime prep. The kids usually end up eating before we do and it isn’t uncommon for the kids to eat one meal and Mr. Monkey and I to each make ourselves something. He has some food allergies and sometimes I just want something with cheese, you know?

We each take one kid for bedtime (we alternate each night) and do the “potty (diaper), brush, pajamas” routine. We usually read books in each kids room but this week we’ve been letting Miles stay up till 7:30 to watch the Olympics so he comes back downstairs after he gets his jammies on. Mr. Monkey put Evelyn to bed.


Put Miles to bed. He reads in bed by himself for a bit and settles in pretty quickly. Evelyn is still chatting to herself in her room.

Get dinner and hit the couch for some TV time. Think vaguely about doing some homework. Don’t do any homework. Check Twitter. Chat with Mr. Monkey about the day.


Fall dead asleep on the couch. I’m on a new medicine and it knocks me right out. I intend to stay up for The Daily Show but I haven’t made it once this week.


Wake up in a dark living room and creep up the creaky wood stairs to bed, hoping I don’t wake up the girl. Get to bed, flop around till I find the perfect position, waking up the little sleeping Mr. Monkey, and fall right back asleep.


I have, I think, a very ordinary life.

A good life, but very ordinary.




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