I am legit excited for:

– the new season of The Americans tonight. The first season was so good even though it took me a long time not to think of Keri Russell’s character as some weird kick-ass version of Felicity.

– this dress to arrive for Miss E’s 2nd birthday present. :


Rock Chalk, baby Jayhawk!

– the fact that I am almost half way done with this semester of grad school. I may well survive after all!

– I got Mr.Monkey the gift of time for his birthday next month. I am excited for him to use it and to get a much deserved break from the daily grind of staying home with his beloved children.

– My best buddy is less than two months from having a baby. I am so ready to snuggle a newborn. They don’t know the sex of the baby and my curiosity is killing me. I can’t wait to get that call!


I am legit not excited for:

– the six to eight inches of snow expected this weekend. This winter? I AM OVER IT.



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