Saturday Shorts

Not actual shorts.

No, because it is snowing again.

(Insert deranged cabin fever induced laugh here)

Apparently while not being a particularly snowy winter, this winter is currently #5 on the list of all time coldest winters for my city. Given that the high on Monday is going to be a balmy 0 with a nice brisk low of -11, I feel pretty good about the possibilty that we might be able to snatch that #4 spot soon.



This morning I took the kids to a fast food place for breakfast, a decision that was 10% about hash browns and 90% about trying to let them run off some energy in the indoor play place. They played, fried beige foods were eaten, all was well until it came time to get ready to go. I put the girl in her coat and boots and turned to help my son with his mittens. In an instant, Evelyn took off running, pushed her 22 month old self against the door to the outside and ran right into the drive through lane. As soon as she started running I yelled “No! and Stop!” and chased after her. I caught her in the parking lot, where she was grinning and giggling.

I’ve never had a runner before (thank you, son, for that) so I haven’t had that sickening quickening of fear and adrenaline and, to be honest, anger that comes with seeing your kid obliviously fling themselves into harms way. Not my favorite Saturday morning feeling.


Little Miss Fearless is napping upstairs right now (after having scooted her Pack-N-Play across the room while she was still inside it so she could turn on her humidifier, because, why not?).

(she is in a Pack-N-Play because she learned how to climb out of her crib but was only sticking the landing like 50% of the time. The other 50% she seemed to err on the side of landing on her face, because she has no sense of self-preservation)

So she is napping and I just finished some homework and the boy is quietly working on building with his Legos. We are sharing a bowl of popcorn and I keep thinking that it is awfully delightful to feel like you genuinely enjoy the company of your children.

(Dear self, bookmark this post for future use. Like tonight, at bedtime.)


I’ve decided that my future will seem bright and filled with professional and academic success once I find the perfect orange bag. I have found one that is the Platonic ideal but it is much, much spendier than I allow myself to be with purses so the hunt continues.

(I love you, Kate Spade orange leather tote)


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