The Wrong Socks

(Not to be confused with The Wrong Trousers, which is a big hit with our household)

Yesterday a cute new pair of shoes arrived for me in the mail, a by-product of a morning of browsing on my favorite money spending website, and despite my fears of buying shoes online (my feet are delicate flowers when it comes to arch support), these shoes fit perfectly.

Oh, you want a photo? Sure!


See? Perfect for work, I think.

But this morning I was in a rush and couldn’t find nude hose to wear and grabbed a pair of socks and, in the clear light of day, these socks were the wrong choice.

And now I feel embarrassed of my feet and, once again, like I kind of suck at the whole fashion and dressing like a grown-up, professional boss lady thing.

I am also feeling deeply tired of all my winter clothes since I have been in them for six months now. I am tired of coats, tired of mittens, tired of layers.

Grump, grump, grump.

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