I would like more:

– of this amazing garlic asparagus from the hot case at the specialty grocery store near our house. I got some on Monday and instantly wished I gotten a lot more. I also felt grateful afterwards that I don’t have that funky asparagus pee thing. Because I ate A LOT.

– sleep. I slept in a bit this morning and it was nice but I want more, more, more. I should go to bed earlier but I don’t want more night time sleep, I want more morning sleep. There is a difference.

– money in the house down payment fund. It is growing so slowly and I saw a house listing the other day for a dreamy house in our dream city and it just seems so out of reach right now. Our current house is fine and we love (LOVE) our neighbors but I’d like very much not to rent someday and to be able to paint the walls and hang pictures with actual nails and not sticky tack.

– time alone with Mr. Monkey. There is never, ever enough of that.


I would like less:

– snow/ice on the sidewalk in front of our house. We had a rainstorm followed by blizzard a few weeks ago and the resulting slush froze and is totally impervious to ice melt and our shovels. It is slippery and I feel like a bit of a bad neighbor for not getting it cleaned off but it just won’t budge. It is supposed to be in the 50’s this weekend (HUZZAH! Praise be.) so hopefully it will melt away.

– anxiety about school and assorted feelings about not doing a good job with staying on top of things.

– arguing with my son about him having “a favorite booger” and wanting to save said boogers on a special tissue in his room. So gross.


I would like to keep just the same amount of:

– ice cream in my freezer. I currently have choices. Choices are good.

– kiddos.

– husbands.

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