Captain Obvious

There was a time, just a few months ago, when I was just ever so slightly concerned that maybe Evelyn wasn’t talking as much as I wondered if she should be. She had words but not a lot and no real sentences to speak of. Then one day, almost overnight, she had a language explosion (very messy, by the way, metaphors flying everywhere) and now she is chattering away.

One of my favorite parts of her new verbal abilities is that it is like living with a very short Captain Obvious. She looks at you while she is running to report “I running!”. She happily reports “I eat” as she shovels spaghetti in her mouth. She is determined to report about her universe. She is like the toddler version of Facebook with constantly refreshing status updates:

“I nakey baby!”

“I hold you!”

“I go potty!” (Lies.)

“I jumping!”

“I hit” (sadly, true)

“I bite Bobo” (also sadly true).

She is fun, this one.

(She also turns two next month. How can that be?)



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