Hotel life

I’m in a hotel again tonight, far away from my little family and the still cold Iowa spring. I’m traveling for work this time in order to attend a very large (and sometimes) overwhelming annual conference. While I miss Mr. Monkey and the kiddos, there are some aspects of staying at hotels that I do enjoy, including:

1. The fact that I have air conditioner running at a temperature that would have my beloved husband wearing a parka and mittens to bed. I love a nice cold room.

2. I can make a pillow fort. Last night I had six pillows on the bed and I used them all.


3. Total control of the remote and no shame about watching some seriously awful television.

4. When the complimentary hotel shampoo and soap are fancier than what you use in your normal life.

5. At our house, the ironing board is in the basement and I almost never iron because it is cold and dark down there. At the hotel I can iron and watch TV at the same time (really terrible TV, as noted in #3)

6. I will get room service breakfast sometime on this trip. Someone is going to show up at my door with bacon. Excellent.

7. When I am at a hotel I am obviously not at home. When I am not at home, my husband misses me. When my husband misses me there is a uptick in the number of mushy text messages I get. It can be nice to be missed.

(But it will be nicer to get home.)


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