Small Updates on Big Things

1. Grad School: This fall I will start my last semester of coursework before I start focusing all my attention on writing my dissertation. I’ve actually begun collecting data for my capstone project which will roll into my dissertation. I’m super interested in my research topic (a feeling that I very much hope will continue through the long slog that dissertation writing can be) so I am looking forward to seeing how this capstone project comes together. My committee meets next week to approve my progress so far, which will be another good milestone to hit.

2. The job: I quit my job last week. I don’t talk much about work here but I’ve been in the same job for the last 3.5 years and it has been a place where the highs of the job were very high and the lows were very low. I’ve never worked harder in my life than I have here. I’ve made some great friends who I will miss but, man oh man, it is time for a change. Which leads to #3…

3. We’re moving. Next month. I have a new job in a new state and I am both very excited and very sad about it. We are moving to a place where we’ve wanted to be for the last couple of years, a place where we plan to put down roots, but we’ll be leaving my best friend and the best neighborhood ever. I am 100% sure I will have some tears when we turn off the lights here.

4. The new house: We don’t 100% have a new house yet (yes, I find that stressful). We put in an offer on a cute 1950’s ranch style house with a yard that is ridiculously large. Our offer has been accepted but it doesn’t feel real yet and probably won’t until we get to the close and have the keys in our hands.

5. The kids: They continue to be funny and weird and delightful, when they aren’t being contrary, fractious, and messy. Seeing how they adjust to the move will be interesting.


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