The Best Bad Option?

In 22 days I start my new job in a new state. As of right this second, I don’t know where I will be sleeping the night after I start my new job. Or the night after that. Or the one after that (and repeat for about 35 days or so).

So. That’s really freaking stressing me out.

I mentioned in my last post that we had an accepted offer on a house but due to reasons that fell through. We found another house and put in an offer and things look good for that to go through so I called my mortgage person and discovered that she was no longer employed at the mortgage company, as of yesterday. I was transferred to her boss who said he would take over our file and that everything was fine…until he called back and said he wasn’t authorized to work in our new state so he transferred me to someone else. The someone else was both totally bitchy and also seemed to know nothing about our situation (which is maybe a little bit more complicated than usual).

After freaking out to Mr. Monkey, I called a few other mortgage lenders and discovered that there is a 50/50 split on whether we can make our original closing date target of Sept. 10th or if we will have to go for Sept. 25th. We are working under the assumption that it will be the later date so now we need to figure out what to do in terms of where to live and what to do for school for the kid. The problem is that all of our options basically suck:

1. Everyone moves to new city when I start my job and we put our stuff in storage and camp out at an extended stay hotel for over a month. Four of us, in a hotel room, for over a month. While I am trying to learn a new job and work on my grad school research. But it keeps us together and, hopefully, let’s M. start 1st grade in his new school on time.

2. Extend the lease on our current house for a month and Mr. Monkey and the kids stay here, I go to a cheapie motel by myself. I miss the kids, he never gets a break from the kids and M. starts school here and then has to switch to a new school three weeks into the school year. But, no hotel and I can work on school stuff at night and come home for the weekends.

3. We split the kids, Mr. Monkey stays here with the girl for another month and M. and I camp out at the hotel together so he can start school on time. The downside is that we have to figure out some kind of childcare situation with him for after school and half our family is missing.

And…that’s it. I don’t see a fourth option, barring a surprise lottery win that allows us to buy the house with cash tomorrow, which seems unlikely.

I am going to require some more medicinal ice cream as I try to figure out our best bad option.

One thought on “The Best Bad Option?

  1. Gretchen Meyer says:

    Are you working with a realty company in MN and do they also have apartments? Would they put you in an apartment for a month or two until you can get settled?

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