A Plan, Coming Together

Things that we have figured out regarding our upcoming move to a new state:
– When I am leaving
– When the kids are leaving
– When Mr. Monkey is leaving (and, yes, sadly these are all different dates).
– where M. is going to go for first grade
– Where I will live until the end of the month and where we will live as a family for the bulk of September (yes, these are to different places).

Things we are *pretty sure* we have figured out but that require additional paperwork and/or money to finalize:
– where we will live after Sept. 25
– how all our stuff will get to the new state and where it will be stored for a month or so before we are ready for it
– where the heck to send our mail (surprisingly complicated when you’ll be living in four different places over the course of about a month or so)

Things that still have to get done:
– A LOT of mortgage paperwork*
– selling a few pieces of furniture
– changing addresses with a million places
– canceling utilities
– surviving my last five days of work while fighting the start of a head cold
– packing up about 60% of the house

I just keep trying to take things one step at a time but it is hard. I just want to fast forward to October, when we will hopefully be starting to feel settled and able to get into the swing of a new life in a place we have high hopes for.

* This will have to be a post someday, a proper wrap up to my series on the whole foreclosure thing.


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