Moved: Day 2

Things I accomplished today:
1. Oil change for the car which has had many, many miles put on it due to move related back and forths between Iowa and Minnesota.

2. Eyebrow waxing for two eyebrows that were not quite at a crisis level of grown out but getting close. They look very well groomed and- best part- I found a place that did them for free as part of a promotion for new residents (welcome to our state…please don’t look like a slob)

3. Got a PO Box set-up as we’ll be in four different locations in the next two months. I’ll be darned if I lose any of my magazines in the transition.

4. Went into work for a staff meeting and the start of introductions. Other than parking in the wrong garage and a wee bit of…well…underwhelment (that is totally a word) at the size of my new office, it went well. The atmosphere seems very, very different than old job. That is just an observation at this point and not a value judgement. We’ll see if it is a good or bad different in the next few months.

5. Played on the semi-gross hotel floor with M, building a castle out of clay. I’ve never been less concerned with clay getting in the carpet than I am here…this is not the cleanest place ever. Between that and the fire alarms going off, which totally freaked Miles out, I will be glad to move to new digs tomorrow.

6. Got a little teary eyed about missing Mr. Monkey, the baby and my best buddy E.

7. Foolishly allowed the boy to fall asleep in my bed, so now I am typing this from the edge of a king sized bed while he is in full starfish mode in the middle. He is also snoring and keeps scooting close to me every time I move away. I love him but I am not a cuddly sleeper. He may get airlifted to the couch before the night is through.

It was a good second day. I have tomorrow to get some more stuff done and then the first full day of new job on Thursday. Here’s hoping I find the right parking garage this time.

2 thoughts on “Moved: Day 2

  1. Stefanie says:

    Free eyebrow cleanup for new residents?? This is a welcome wagon feature that I did not know existed. I wish you’d found a free oil change too!

    • Wendy says:

      Yes! It was European Brow Bar or Wax or something like that. Maybe it was just if you live here and have never been there before. It was a really good waxing too.

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