Moved: Day Six

You know what is a fun way to celebrate your first weekend in a new town?

Taking your child to Urgent Care!

Oh, did I say “fun”? I mean the opposite fun.

M., who is fine now, was practicing his American Ninja Warrior moves (he is fully obsessed with this show, which I confess I enjoy as well) at a local park and managed to poke himself in the eye with his own finger as he slid down a pole. He cried right away but then settled down…until a little while later when he started crying in earnest and couldn’t seem to keep his eye open. We were already in the car so we could run an errand and I knew I needed to take him somewhere to have the eye looked at so I did a quick search on my phone for clinics.

And then realized that I didn’t exactly know where I was and had no idea which clinic I was closest too…or even which suburb. Geography and navigation are not my strong suits but it sucks to have to deal with that awareness while you kid is in the backseat crying and saying he can’t see.

We eventually made it to a clinic (not the closest one, I’m 99% sure) and wobbled through the registration questions (address? Uh, the hotel? Or the house we don’t have yet? Or the apartment we’ll live in until we get the house?). We thankfully didn’t have to wait long to be seen and then the real fun started.

Miles was on the table and was already nervous about the the concept of eye drops when the doctor walked in. With a shaky voice, Miles asked him if the drops would hurt and promptly freaked the hell out when the doctor said “Yep, they are going to sting!” (really, asshole?). Like a flash Miles was off the table and making a run for the door. I blocked the door and tried to calm him down as he begged to “go home, just let’s go home! It is okay if my eye hurts at home!”. The doctor, so super helpfully, said “you know, it will hurt longer if you don’t cooperate” (Ass. Hole.)

I finally got him back on the table and held/laid on him for the numbing drops and the eye exam that revealed the he had a scratched cornea (ouch). He’ll be fine in a couple of days, which is good, with the application 4x daily eye drops, which will be a challenge.

Holding down a writhing six year old four times a day should count as a workout, right?

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