Moved: Day 13

My husband, my stuff and (hopefully) our deposit check are all on their way from Des Moines now. My husband will be joining the kids and me at the hotel for one night before we move to a furnished apartment for a month, our stuff will be going into storage for September and that check will be going right into the bank because moving is REALLY freaking expensive.

We no longer live in Iowa.

In a lot ways, the move hasn’t seem quite real to me. Being in a hotel with only half my family there gave it an air of just being on a long trip. But on Thursday I took Miles to back to school night to meet his teacher (school starts on Tuesday) and I found myself getting choked up. Seeing him in his new classroom made me feel the weight of the change. We live here now. He is going to go to school here now. We don’t live in the world’s best neighborhood anymore. I don’t live across the street from my best friend anymore.

There is some grieving to do, certainly, but there are also good things happening already. My work is interesting and challenging. I am starting to be able to drive to some places without the GPS on my phone guiding me. Things look really good in terms of closing on the house on time and I think we are going to love our new house. I just wish we were a little closer to move in day.

But tonight and from now on we’ll all at least go to sleep under one roof, even if is just in a temporary home. I’ll take it.

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